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Villa Bella Hotel Concept by Recreation Child has complete infrastructure of leisure and services to ensure the enjoyment of their children and rest and tranquility to the parents. The monitors are specialized, thus ensuring distraction and fun for kids. The Children's Play also has developed programs for special dates, holidays and seasons.

Currently, the Children's Play of Villa Bella has a room for Soninho small, the Children's room with ball pool, TV with DVD, toys like cars, dolls, bowling and a Youth Centre, which features video games (Wii and Playstation) , board games, among others. It focuses on diverse games, competitions, painting and collage workshops, various shows, clowns and more a multitude of attractions that will leave small delighted guests.

Note: Children up to 5 years only with accompanying parent or guardian.

  • Child Minding
  • Indoor playground
  • Young room with internet and video games
  • Mascot "Dodi"
  • Recreation team
  • Supervised activities
  • Copinha Baby 24 hours
  • Cot and baby bath in the apartment
  • Piscina aquecida adulto e infantil
  • Recreação infantil
  • Espaço infantil do Villa Bella em Gramado
  • Piscina de bolinhas do espaço kids do Villa bella
  • Atividades para crianças em Gramado
  • Recreação para crianças e adolescentes
  • Cama elástica do espaço kids do hotel
  • Piscina térmica de hidromassagem com vista para o Vale do Quilombo em Gramado
  • Piscina térmica com hidromassagem
  • Recreação infantil
  • Recreação infantil
  • Sala de Jogos com vista para o Vale em Gramado
  • Espaço para crianças e adolescentes com vídeo games, internet
  • Sala de ginástica com vista para o Vale
  • Fitness com vista para o Vale

  • Stroller
  • Thermal pools
  • Whirlpools
  • Playroom
  • Protected area Unimed
  • Kids menu *
  • Baby sitter service *